Hartland Locomotive Works
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Self-Propelled  Locomotives


Mighty Mack - Switcher

Mack Truck realized the need for railroad equipment and started producing
self-powered rail cars, rail buses, and locomotives, In May of 1921, Locomotive #1 rolled from the plant in Allentown, PA, and with its two AC gasoline engines,
it proved to be just what was needed.
 Hartland's Mack is sure to become a staple in the Large Scale world.
It is durable, attractive, and priced right!

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09701 Mack Engine - Mack - Yellow $87.55
09703 Mack Engine - Mack - Red $87.55
09704 Mack Engine - Mack - Blue $87.55
09705 Mack Engine - Mack - Green $87.55
09706 Mack Engine - Mack - Purple $87.55
09707 Mack Engine - Mack - Orange $87.55
Coming Soon!
Undec Black Mack
The undecorated Black Mack!
Item 09710

Rail Motor Car

In the 20th. century, with the introduction of the automobile, full passenger trains were not economical. The Motor Car which used gas electric power was the answer, for only 1/5 the cost of operating a full steam locomotive! Hartland's "RMC" is modeled after Railway Motor Corp's converted combine.

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09222 RMC - Rio Grande Western - Yellow & Black $355.50


Rail Bus: Doozie

Mack entered the railway equipment business in 1905. After 18 years of producing single axle Rail Buses, the model ACX was introduced. The ACX featured a rear four wheel power truck and trademark Bulldog Hood.

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09200 Rail Bus - Rio Grande Southern - Silver $268.50
09201 Rail Bus - Undecorated - Green $268.50
09202 Rail Bus - D&RGW - Yellow $268.50

Rail Cars / Pick-Ups: "Woodys"


Mail, farm supplies just about any small loads were hauled with these "Woodys".


Item Name M.S.R.P.
09210 Rail Car - Undecorated - Green / Wood Tone $143.95
09211 Rail Car - Waddlin' Goslin - Silver $143.95
09213 Rail Car - Pacific Electric - Red $143.95