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Laporte 2-4-4Laporte 2-4-4 G-Scale Forney Locomotive

Named after HLW's home town this exciting update to our classic Forney locomotive is sure to please!

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09410 Laporte - 2-4-4 Forney $399.00

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Princess 2-4-4 G-Scale Forney Locomotive

 The Forney was used by many railroads from Hawaii all the way to Maine in the early 1900's. Forney's were also used in passenger service in and around larger cities. Hartland's all-new "Princess" is a classic beauty that will look great on your model railroad. Quality built and economically priced, this engine is sure to be a hit!

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09402 Undecorated - Maroon $310.00

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Modern 4-4-0 D&RGW Black
Item 09562                                                                                Item 09551

American — 4-4-0 Locomotive

 This classic American locomotive carved its way into history with the taming of the Wild West. Sporting a powerful drive train, weighted pilot truck and power pickups on the tender, not only is this engine beautiful, but it's a great runner also.
Item Name M.S.R.P. Item Name M.S.R.P.
09551 D&RGW - Modern - Black * $473.95 09562 Jupiter - Red* $473.95
09565 W&ARR General - Red $449.95      

* These engines have been upgraded with these features:

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Big John — 0-4-4-0 Logging Locomotive

Based on a Dunkirk engine, this handsome loco is typical of those used in logging operations in heavily timbered regions of the U.S. and Canada. Hartland's beefy logging locomotive features two power trucks and will pull dozens of fully loaded log cars. This workhorse is also very affordable. 
Item Name M.S.R.P.
09600 "Hickory Lake Lumber" - Red $362.50
09602 Undecorated - Red $362.50
Introducing the Paul Bunyan!!

Paul Bunyan

Item Name M.S.R.P.
09603 "Hickory Lake Lumber" - Green $362.50

Image shown is a prototype final production model may differ slightly.
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