Hartland Locomotive Works produces custom locomotives and rolling stock for companies, clubs, etc...   You can specify lettering and logos of your railroad club, your college or university, your hobby shop, or even your private railroad name. These custom sets are perfect for conventions, special events, for running on your club layout , or to decorate your office! Your custom set can include any of Hartland's engines, freight or passenger cars (track & power pack are optional).

For a quotation , call 1-219-362-8411.

Shown below are some examples of custom locomotives and cars that Hartland Locomotive Works has made for various organizations.

~~ These are NOT for sale from HLW ~~
Disney Logo

Walt Disney's

"Lilly Belle"

For the first time in history, Walt Disney's beloved CP 173 Lilly Belle locomotive, which was the pride of Walt's Carolwood Pacific Railroad, has now been produced in garden gauge (1:24 scale) by Hartland Locomotive Works. This Limited Edition (1500 Units) will be offered only through Walt Disney World Catalog and Disney Galleries. For more information and photo of Walt's Lilly Belle visit or order thru Disneyland by phone at 800-362-4533.
Walt Disney's

"Ernest S. Marsh"
Disneyland Railroad Engine No. 4, Ernest S. Marsh is the last steam engine personally owned and operated by Walt Disney. This Large scale (1:24) model is authorized by the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society for the Walt Disney Company, to commemorate the Centennial of Walt Disney and his inaugural revenue run on July 25, 1959. There will be 1959 engines in this "first issue" commemorative edition. To see photos of Walt's Ernest S. Marsh visit or order thru Disneyland by phone at 800-362-4533.
Southern Pacific Black Widow Line

Sold through Gold Coast Station

S.P. Black Widow Mack Engine S.P. Black Widow Work Car
Big Train Operator Club BTO Logo
BTO Mack Blue BTO Mack Red
BTO Line Car BTO Work Caboose